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Drylok 27512 Latex Based Masonry Waterproofer
Our Price: $12.45

Formulated to waterproof above or below grade masonry walls, cinder and concrete blocks, stucco, brick, retaining walls, basement, and foundations. Tintable. Low Odor. Non-flammable. Resists 10 psi water pressure. Apply with brush and/or roller. Complies with all current VOC requirements. Passes performance requirements of Fed. Spec. TT-P-1411-A. Covers 75 to 125 sq. ft per gallon depending on surface porosity. more info
Weiman 5092 Stone Spray-N-Seal Penetrating Sealer
Weiman 5092 Stone Surface Sealer, 1 qt, Bottle, Liquid
Our Price: $25.95

Protects natural stone surfaces from staining. For stone countertops, floors, walls, vanities and even grout. Also for sealing all types of masonry, stucco, concrete and sanded grout. Has special blend of polymers that bond to the stone and creates a water and oil repellant membrane to prevent staining and allows the stone to breathe and release moisture vapors. Safe for interior and exterior use and is UL Classified for slip resistance. Coverage varies depending on surface. more info
Damtite 01071 Waterproofer Powder
Damtite 01071 Heavy Duty Powder Waterproofer, 7 lb, Pail, White, Powder
Our Price: $27.29

Portland-cement base coating. Holds back 22psi of hydrostatic pressure. Safe for drinking water cisterns. Seals, protects and beautifies vertical walls constructed of concrete, masonry, brick or stucco. Eliminates dampness and resists mildew, flaking or chalking while sealing all pores and voids. Helps reduce Radon Gas penetration through concrete block walls. Just add water to powder and mix; brushes on like paint. Mix with Damtite Bonding Additive in place of water for previously-painted or non-porous surfaces (poured concrete). Coverage (varies by porosity of surface and by first or second coat): 7lb to 93 sq ft (8.6 m2); 21lb to 280 sq ft (26 m2); 45lb to 600 sf (55.7 m2). more info
Quikrete 8730-02 Concrete Cure and Seal
Quikrete 873003 Acrylic Concrete Sealer, 1 gal, Bottle, Satin, Milky White, Liquid, Slight Ether, 200 sq-ft/gal
Our Price: $27.65

Protects and seals concrete surfaces against water, salt, grease, etc. Promotes proper curing by retaining water in freshly placed concrete. Used for curing new concrete. more info
Henry PR1760074 Premier Foundation Coating
Henry PR176074 Premium Foundation Coating, 5 gal
Our Price: $39.15

Environmentally friendly. Asphalt emulsion. For spray or brush application to existing or new, green or damp concrete and masonry surfaces. For below grade applications to foundations, both poured concrete and CMU block. No odor, soap and water cleanup. more info
Damtite 03550 Masonry Waterproofer
Damtite 03550 Ready-Mix Tintable Powder Waterproofer, 1 gal, Pail, White, Liquid
Our Price: $39.95

High performance masonry waterproofer used for above or below grade applications. Alkali-resistant coating provides excellent waterproofing protection with a decorative finish for all masonry, cinder and concrete block, poured concrete, brick, stucco. Use on basement walls, retaining walls, fountains, birdbaths, planters and more. Fast drying, low odor and tintable to light pastel shades. Easy clean up. Reduces Radon Gas penetration through concrete block walls. Covers up to 150 sq. ft. (11.6 m2) per gallon. more info
Zinsser 5001 Watertite Waterproofing Paint
Zinsser 5001 Watertite Waterproofing Paint, 1 gal, White, Mild, Liquid
Our Price: $41.09

Guaranteed to stop up to 34psi of water pressure - twice the strength of other waterproofers. Prevents the growth of mold and mildew on the paint film for up to 5 years. Smooth, non-gritty finish applies easily to wet or dry walls. Ultra low odor oil-base formula has even less odor than latex paint. Great for basements and other interior/exterior above and below grade masonry surfaces. Watertite contains a mildewcide that prevents the growth of mold and mildew on the paint film only. more info
Henry RC065070 Roofers Choice Foundation Coating
Roofers Choice RC065070 Non-Fibered Foundation Coating, 4.75 gal, Black, Liquid
Our Price: $41.45

Cures to a tough, flexible, weather resistant film. Because of its ability to retain its pliability, the coating resists damage which may result from expansion and contraction caused by weather and temperature variation. Use as an exterior underground foundation coating and dampproofer for brick, concrete, cement block, and similar surfaces. May be used as an underground exterior foundation coating and dampproofer. Covers approximately 1 to 2 gallons per 100 square feet. more info
Drylok 00542 Masonry Waterproofer
Drylok 00542 Masonry Waterproofer, 35 lb, Pail, White, Odorless, Solid Powder
Our Price: $45.99

Decorates and waterproofs masonry walls. Use on above or below grade masonry walls, cinder and concrete blocks, stucco, brick, field stone foundations, retaining walls, basements and foundations. Cleans up with warm, soapy water. Coverage depends on surface porosity. Each 35 lb. will cover 140-210 sq. ft. with the first coat, 210-280 sq. ft. with the second coat. more info
United Gilsonite 22113 Masonry Waterproofer
Sealer Msnry Int Ext Natl Gal - Case of 2
Our Price: $47.10

Protective coating for masonry surfaces. Prevents moisture damage. Penetrates deep to seal and protects masonry against acids, alkalis, household chemicals, gasoline, oil and salt. Covers up to 400 sq. ft. per gallon depending on surface porosity. more info
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