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Prime Line A 127 Door Latch
Prime-Line A 127 Door Latch Strike, Zinc
Our Price: $3.99

This die-cast keeper or strike is used by many screen door manufacturers. It is 7/32 in wide with a 1/4 in deep projection. It has an downward hook and adjustment slots that allows it to be adjusted up or down to the correct position to engage the latch. more info
Hampton V1195 Reversible Door Latch
Wright Products V1195 Patio Door Latch, Aluminum, Flush Mounting
Our Price: $8.69

Flush mount fits into door stile. 1/16 in projection inside/outside of patio door. Reversible for right or left hand application. Packed with 4 different latch hooks to fit virtually all applications. For 1 to 1-1/4 in thick doors. 6-1/2 in distance between attaching screws. more info
Prime Line A 142 Cross Latch and Pull
Prime-Line A 142 Door Latch and Pull, 2 in Pull W, Plastic/Steel
Our Price: $8.69

Non-handed; mortise installation, used by several door manufacturers. Includes one plastic inside and outside pull, one steel latch assembly, one plastic activator, one pop rivet and installation screws. more info
Hampton V1147H Inside Door Handle
Wright Products V1147H Door Pull, Aluminum/Oak
Our Price: $12.99

Wright replacement oak patio door handle can be installed on the interior plate of the V1195 or VK1195 flush-mounted latches to provide a larger pulling surface. more info
Prime Line C1189 Door Pull
Prime-Line C 1189 Door Pull, Aluminum/Wood, Painted
Our Price: $12.99

Hardwood Pull with one-piece die-cast aluminum body. Aluminum door handle. Surface mounted handle. Includes one inside pull and installation fasteners. more info
Prime Line C 1190 Door Pull
Prime-Line C 1190 Door Pull, Wood, Painted
Our Price: $13.99

Black die-cast supports w/wood handle. Mounting posts come finished in black colored paint and the wooden pull handle comes finished in a clear finish. Can be installed on doors with mounting hole centers ranging from 6-1/2 to 6-5/8 in center-2-center. Surface-mounted. Features a sturdy metal backer support behind the wood. Note: Color of wood may vary per shipment. more info
Prime Line C 1043 Door Handle Set
Prime-Line C 1043 Handleset, Aluminum, Painted, For: 1 to 1-1/4 in THK Glass Sliding Doors
Our Price: $15.99

Fits all popular flush lock punch outs for 1 in Thk doors. 3/4 x 2-3/4 in, universal design, die-cast, chrome finish keeper #E-2040 adjusts vertically. Includes 7-1/4 in L x 7/8 in W inside and outside pulls, latch on inside pull, keeper, installation fasteners and 4 assorted hooks (3/8 in, 3/4 in, 1/2 in and 5/8 in). 6-5/8 in installation hole spacing. more info
Prime Line C1045 Reversible Door Handle Set
Prime-Line C 1045 Handleset, Aluminum, Chrome, For: 1 to 1-1/8 in THK Glass Sliding Doors, Mortise Lock Systems
Our Price: $15.99

Die-cast, flush mount, standard hook, fits all popular flush lock punch outs, reversible latch hook, chrome keeper. Contains (1) inside latch and pull, (1) outside pull, (1) wood handle, (1) spacer, (1) keeper, (4) hook assortment and installation fasteners. more info
Hampton VK1195 Door Lockset
Wright Products VK1195 Door Lockset, Aluminum, 1 to 1-1/4 in Thick Door, Reversible Hand
Our Price: $18.99

Wright Products flush mount patio door latch will work on both right or left hand door applications. Aluminum finish only. more info
Hampton V1104 Reversible Door Latch
Wright Products V1104 Patio Door Latch, Aluminum, Surface Mounting
Our Price: $22.99

For 1 to 1-3/8 in aluminum doors. Internal latching, reversible for right or left hand application. Oak handle. 3-15/16 in installation hole spacing. more info
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