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Prime Line N-6538 Surface Aligner
Prime-Line N 6538 Door Surface Aligner, Steel, Zinc
Our Price: $2.99

Universal design, zinc plated steel. Mounts to back of lead doors to maintain tight closure in openings not entered from both sides. Includes set of 1-1/8 in H aligners and four No.8 x 3/4 in Phillips pan head sheet metal screws. more info
Prime Line N 6606 Adjustable Pivot Bracket
Prime-Line N 6606 Door Pivot Bracket, Steel
Our Price: $2.99

Fits Acme 2900 Series bi-fold doors. Steel bracket mounts into top track. 1-15/16 in L x 3/4 in W overall. more info
Prime Line N6640 Adjustable Pivot Bracket Assembly
Prime-Line N 6640 Pivot Bracket Assembly, Steel, Zinc
Our Price: $2.99

Stamped steel bracket mounts into top or bottom track, fits on Slimfold and others. more info
Prime Line N6672 Top Pin Door Pivot/Guide
Prime-Line N 6672 Door Pivot and Guide, Nylon/Plastic, Top Mounting
Our Price: $3.49

N 6672 is a nylon top mount bi-fold door pivot. Used by several manufacturers, the spring-loaded 3/8 in nylon pin inserts into the top pivot bracket above creating a pivot point for the bi-fold door. more info
Prime Line N6700 Spring Loaded Top Pin Door Pivot
Prime-Line N 6700 Door Pivot, Plastic
Our Price: $3.79

N 6700 is a spring loaded, 1/4 in Dia steel pivot in a 3/8 in plastic base. It mounts on the top edge of a bi-fold door that is 1 to 1-3/8 in thick. more info
Prime Line N6673 Adjustable Bottom Pin Door Pivot
Prime-Line N 6673 Door Pivot, Nylon/Steel
Our Price: $3.79

N 6673 is a bottom mount pivot used by many bi-fold doors manufacturers. The 3/8 in Dia nylon base houses a grooved pivot tip that screws in or out for adjustment. more info
Prime Line N 6756 Door Knob
Prime-Line N 6756 Door Knob, Hardwood, Raw
Our Price: $3.79

N 6756 is a hardwood bi-fold door pull knob. It has a 1-3/4 in Dia knob and a 11/16 in Dia base. Used on solid wood bi-fold door panels, the large diameter knob is comfortable to use. It can be stained or painted to match. Fits up to a 1-3/8 in thick door. more info
Prime Line N 6587 Adjustable Pivot Bracket
Prime-Line N 6587 Pivot Bracket, Steel
Our Price: $3.99

Fits on Cox doors for horizontal adjustments. Adjustable stamped steel bracket and nylon bushing. 2-7/8 in L x 7/8 in D x 1-5/16 in H overall. For 1 to 1-3/8 in Thick folding doors up to 50 lb. each. Includes two #8 x 3/4 in Phillips pan head screws and one #8 x 1-1/4 in Phillips flat head screw. more info
Prime-Line N 6823 Bi-Fold Door Top Pivot Bracket, Adjustable, Steel, Silver, For: 5/8 in Wide Track
Our Price: $3.99

N 6823 is a stamped steel top pivot bracket. It fits into the Acme 5/8 in wide track. The bracket is inserted into the track and as the screw is tightened, it forces the bracket against the lip running the length of both sides of the track. It is adjustable by moving it back or forth to the best position. It is used with the Acme top pivot N 6672. more info
Prime Line N6729 Top Pivot/Guide Rod Pin
Prime-Line N 6729 Guide Rod, Steel, Top Mounting
Our Price: $3.99

N 6729 is a guide rod used in Benchmark bi-fold door systems. The 5/16 in Dia, 5-1/4 in long steel rod and is threaded on the bottom half with a hex nut and washer. There is a 3/8 in nylon cap on the end. more info
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