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Powerlock 39-130 Measuring Tape
STANLEY 39-130 Measuring Tape, 3 ft L Blade, 1/4 in W Blade, Steel Blade, ABS Case, Chrome Case
Our Price: $3.99

Trim and lightweight metallic colored ABS case with durable key ring for convenience. Yellow, blade lacquer-coated for added rust protection, slide lock keeps blade extended as needed. more info
Lufkin L610 Measuring Tape
Crescent Lufkin Hi-Viz Series L610N Tape Measure, 10 ft L Blade, 1/2 in W Blade, Steel Blade, Plastic Case
Our Price: $4.29

The LUFKIN L600N Series tape measures feature a bright orange textured case for easier grip and increased user comfort. The blade has a matte finish which reduces glare which increases blade legibility. The blade is also nylon coated for an extended product life. The dual riveted end hook tips allow the user to mark measurements without the need for a writing utensil. more info
Milwaukee 48-22-5506 Keychain Tape Measure, 6 ft L Blade, 13 mm W Blade, Steel Blade, ABS Case, Black/Red Case
Our Price: $5.69

The Milwaukee 6 ft/2 m keychain tape measure (48-22-5506) combines on-the-go convenience with maximum durability and functionality needed by professionals in all trades. Delivering up to 10X longer life than the competition, the new tape measure features nylon blade protection for resistance to jobsite contamination and a five-point reinforced frame for protection against damage from dropping. For added functionality, a secure, heavy-duty keychain clip gives it the versatility to clip on almost anything from belts to keychains. It is dual printed in imperial and metric. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the 6 ft/2 m keychain tape measure confirms Milwaukee's commitment to best-in-class durability and relentless commitment to provide innovative solutions to the end user that will increase productivity. more info
Stanley 30-485 Measuring Tape
STANLEY 30-485 Measuring Tape, 12 ft L Blade, 1/2 in W Blade, Steel Blade, ABS Case, Yellow Case
Our Price: $6.49

The STANLEY 12-by-1/2 in tape measure features a polymer-coated blade for long life, a durable textured case for a non-slip grip and high-contrast colors for easy readability, with numerical readouts every 1/8 in. It measures 12 ft in L by 1/2 in W and stands out 7 ft. more info
Powerlock 33-115 Measuring Tape
STANLEY 33-115 Pocket Measuring Tape, 10 ft L Blade, 1/4 in W Blade, Steel Blade, ABS Case, Chrome Case
Our Price: $6.99

The Classic STANLEY 10 ft PowerLock? pocket tape measure with diameter scale measures up to 3 ft, features a polymer-coated blade with secure blade lock and our Tru-Zero?? end hook for accurate measurements. Its slim, high-impact chrome ABS case is durable on the job. more info
DeWalt DWHT33372 Measuring Tape
DeWALT DWHT36105/33372 Tape Measure, 16 ft L Blade, 1-1/4 in W Blade, Steel Blade, ABS Case, Black/Yellow Case
Our Price: $6.99

Durable and efficient the DeWALT? 16 ft tape has 10 ft of standout and a fractional read blade for quick and easy measurements, the rubber slide lock and 5 case screws help this tape remain durable on the jobsite. more info
Stanley 30-455 Measuring Tape
STANLEY 30-455 Measuring Tape, 25 ft L Blade, 1 in W Blade, Steel Blade, ABS Case, Yellow Case
Our Price: $7.59

Featuring a polymer-coated blade, high-impact ABS case and a Tru-Zero? end hook, pros and DIYers alike can count on this STANLEY 25 ft tape measure for precise measurements and long-lasting durability. It's easy to read, easy to use and built for dependability. more info
Powerlock 33-116 Measuring Tape
STANLEY 33-116 Measuring Tape, 16 ft L Blade, 3/4 in W Blade, Steel Blade, ABS Case, Chrome Case
Our Price: $7.99

The PowerLock? 16 ft tape measure has the features you need for accurate inside and outside measurements. A blade-locking mechanism holds the tape measure in place so it wont creep. more info
Powerlock 33-312 Measuring Tape
STANLEY 33-312L Tape Measure, 12 ft L Blade, 3/4 in W Blade, Steel Blade, Metal Case, Chrome Case
Our Price: $7.99

This easy-to-read PowerLock? heavy-duty tape measure features a 12 ft blade that stands up to tough use. The blade is coated with Mylar polyester film which minimizes friction, resists abrasions and helps extend blade life. The Tru-Zero? end-hook ensures precise measurements. more info
Vulcan C21-7.5X25 Measuring Tape, 25 ft L Blade, 1 in W Blade, Steel Blade, ABS Plastic Case, Yellow Case
Our Price: $7.99

Calculate precise length and width measurements with this single-sided tape measure. The polymer-coated blade withstands abrasion for lasting use and it provides accurate readings. This Vulcan yellow measuring tape is 1 inch wide with large numbers for high visibility. more info
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