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Professional 5010 Ceiling Lag Screw Set
Toolpro 5010 Eye Lag Screw, Carbon Steel, Zinc
Our Price: $4.59

Eye lag screws are specifically designed for attaching ceiling grid hanger wire to any wood overhead. The hanger wire is threaded through the eye and twisted off before or after the eye lag screw is installed. Pre-drilling is recommended for the strongest attachment. more info
Professional TP05044 Lever Grid Leveling Clamp
Toolpro TP05044 Ceiling Grid Clamp, Plastic
Our Price: $9.99

Lever action grid clamps temporarily connect ceiling grid and firmly hold leveling line during the layout process. Each clamp is made from spring steel and is easy to operate with a single hand. Rubber tips on the clamps hold the grid and leveling line firmly in place without damaging the grid finish. more info
Professional TP05032 Acoustical Lag Driver
Toolpro TP05032 Eye Lag Driver
Our Price: $10.99

This heavy-duty tool easily installs eye lag screws up to 4-1/2 in. long as well as self-tapping eye lags screws for metal. Overall length is 2.7 in and will fit any standard size chuck. Use with any drill or driver. more info
Professional 5110 Shadowline Edge Cutter
Toolpro TP05110 Edge Cutter, Steel
Our Price: $12.99

The Shadowline cutter creates ideal Shadowline or reveal edges on ceiling tiles and acoustical panels. The one-piece all-steel design is comfortable to hold and use. This contractor-proven tool will not only make the most professional looking cuts possible. It will pay for itself on the first day by eliminating wasted tiles due to bad cuts. Blade changes and cutting depth are easily adjusted by hand with no additional tools required. more info
Professional 5015 Ceiling Lag Screw Set
Toolpro 05015 Eye Lag Screw, 3 in L, Carbon Steel, Zinc, 100
Our Price: $16.99

Eye lag screws screw into wood ceiling joists to attach hanger wire for suspended ceilings. An eye lag screw is fashioned with an eye for threading the hanger wire and a lag thread on the other end for securing in the wood. Pre-drilling is recommended for the strongest attachment. more info
Professional 5060 Grid Punch
Toolpro TP05060 Grid Punch
Our Price: $29.99

This grid punch is the most reliable and economical tool for preparing non-standard lengths of ceiling grid for fastening with rivets. Hardened pin will easily pierce 18 ga steel with little effort, allowing one-hand operation while freeing the other hand to hold the material steady. The tool's thin profile and deep throat makes punching holes into awkward and hard to reach corners possible. For optimum results place the steel cup firmly against the back of the material to be punched and squeeze with consistent pressure, bringing the pin into the material. The rubber tip on the punch will protect painted or coated finishes from being marred. more info
Professional 5122 Ceiling Wire
Toolpro 05122 Ceiling Wire, Galvanized Steel
Our Price: $29.99

Hanger wire is used to suspend ceiling grid main tees from the overhead structure. Designed for residential applications. The continuous 300 ft roll lets you cut the lengths you want with no waste. more info
USG Advantage Custom 4290 Tongue and Groove Ceiling Tile
USG 4290 Ceiling Tile, 12 in L, 12 in W, Custom Pattern, Staple Flange Edge, Wood, White
Our Price: $44.99

Low-cost, wood fiber panels; the ideal choice when fire resistance, acoustical performance and accessibility are not significant considerations; tongue-and-groove edging on the tiles hides staples for a smooth, clean, monolithic look; offers easy, staple-up installation without a grid; retail equivalent of Armstrong's Washable White 231. 12 in x 12 in x 1/2 in with Staple Flange. more info
Fifth Avenue 280 Acoustical Square Edge Ceiling Panel
USG Fifth Avenue Series 280 CTN Ceiling Panel, 48 in L, 24 in W, 5/8 in Thick, Directional Fissured Pattern, White
Our Price: $45.99

All-purpose and economical, Fifth Avenue? acoustical ceiling panels that provide good acoustical properties. They clean easily with a soft brush or vacuum and are great options for fast food restaurants. more info
Radar Professional R2310 Acoustical Square Edge Ceiling Panel
USG R2310/290 Ceiling Panel, 4 ft L, 2 ft W, 5/8 in Thick, Fiberboard, White
Our Price: $47.99

Economical, medium-textured panels that feature a unique, non-directional pattern. They are made with a water-felted manufacturing process that provides excellent ceiling attenuation class (CAC) performance. Installs quickly and easily and are classified as low-emitting ceiling panels. 2 ft x 4 ft x 5/8 in. more info
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