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Trimaco 35145/64 Regular Weight Rosin Paper
Trimaco 35145/20 Flooring Paper, 167 ft L, 36 in W, Rosin, Red
Our Price: $14.99

Trimaco's Easy Mask Red Rosin Regular weight paper provides a superior moisture barrier making this paper great for all flooring projects and roofing projects. Ideal to use as underlayment, in landscaping, plastering and as protection against overspray. Trimaco does not and cannot foresee all potential uses of this product nor the potential damages arising from its use. Red Rosin is dyed paper, use caution on light colored and delicate surfaces. Bleeding of color may occur when wet. Test before use. Trimaco makes no warranties of any nature or description, either express or implied, regarding the product including, without limitation, the warranties of quality, performance, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose or use. more info
Trimaco 35140 Economy Builder Paper
Trimaco 35140/25 Floor Paper, 140 ft L, 35 in W, Kraft Paper, Brown, Floor Mounting
Our Price: $14.99

Trimaco's Brown Builder's Paper is an Economical Kraft construction paper which is large enough for several projects. Painter's Builder's Paper can be used as a paint drop cloth and runner or for general floor and surface protection. Roll is easy to handle. more info
Trimaco L3536144 Rosin Paper
Trimaco L3536144 Floor Paper, 144 ft L, 36 in W, Paper, Brown, Floor Mounting
Our Price: $17.99

Trimaco's Brown Rosin Paper is an Ideal alternative to our Red Rosin for those who would prefer a paper with less dye content. Provides a superior moisture barrier. Useful for flooring and roofing projects. more info
Trimaco 36144 Construction Paper
Trimaco 36144 Floor Paper, 144 ft L, 36 in W, Paper, White, Floor Mounting
Our Price: $27.99

White Top Construction Paper is laminated with high tech fiber coating. Ideal for protecting carpets, ceramic tile, hardwood, concrete, brick, and vinyl from paint and construction equipment. It has superior moisture hold out and avoids tears.  Over 50 percent heavier than regular rosin paper. For best results, use brown on the top and white on the bottom. more info