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Linzer A8102 Paint Roller And Tray Sets
Linzer A8102 Roller and Tray Set, Mini Size
Our Price: $2.99

3 in mini roller and plastic frame, 3 in mini-tray included. more info
Linzer MS 200 Project Select Paint Roller And Tray Sets
Linzer MS200 Tray Set, Mini Size
Our Price: $5.69

4 in high-density foam cover, mini-frame and mini plastic tray. more info
Linzer MS 738 Pro Edge Trim Roller And Tray Sets
Linzer MS738 Roller and Tray Kit, Mini Size, Microfiber Cloth
Our Price: $6.49

Leaves a smooth finish. Includes 4 in tray, 4 in microfiber mini roller and 4 in frame. more info
Linzer MS100 Project Select Paint Roller And Tray Sets
Linzer MS100 Tray Set, Mini Size, Plastic
Our Price: $8.69

4 in shed-free cover, mini frame and mini plastic tray included. more info
Wooster RR375-4 1/2 Trim Roller Kit, Smooth Surface, Microfiber, White, 4-Piece
Our Price: $10.99

Made from a professional, white microfiber fabric, Wooster micro plush rollers create a smooth, even finish with no stipple. Their tiny fibers perform well with all paints and enamels including challenging low VOC, fast-drying and deep-color applications. In fact, because micro plush is capable of achieving spray-like results, these rollers are also a popular choice for applying varnishes to surfaces such as cabinets and doors. more info
Wooster RR376-4 1/2 Nap Kit Case
Our Price: $10.99

Wooster Nap Kit Case, Dimensions: 3/8 in Dia x 4-1/2 in L more info
Whizz 54118 Paint Roller And Tray Sets
Whizz 54118 Pan and Roller Set
Our Price: $11.99

For touch-up or projects. For flat and low sheen paints and primers. For walls, closets, fences, soffits, lap siding and more. Medium to rough surfaces. Covered end paints corner. Ultra low splatter. More paint rolled per dip. Easy cleanup. Includes 4 in polyamide gold stripe roller cover, 1/2 in nap, solvent resistant pan and 11 in handle. more info
Wooster RR393-4.5 Jumbo-Koter - Pro/Doo-Z Paint Roller And Tray Sets
Wooster RR393-4.5 Cover and Tray Kit, Plastic
Our Price: $11.99

For all paints, enamels, primers and adhesives. Includes RR302 Pro/Doo-Z 4-1/2 x 3/8 in 2-pack roller cover; RR013 Jumbo-Koter 14 in frame and BR403 Jumbo-Koter black 1/2 qt capacity 4-1/2 in PET tray. more info
Whizz 57614 Paint Roller And Tray Sets
Whizz 57614 Foam Roller Kit, Foam Roller
Our Price: $11.99

For varnishes, polyurethanes, oil enamels. Smooth finishing. For doors, window frames, cabinets, furniture, moldings, shelves. Easy clean-up. No lap marks. Covered end paints corners. Patent pending-concave ends. Includes 4 in high density painting sponge roller, solvent resistant pan and 11 in handle. more info
Purdy WhiteDove 14C810610 Paint Roller Kit, Jumbo Mini, Smooth Surface, Plastic, 4 -Piece
Our Price: $12.97

Purdy's most popular roller covers, use with all paints and exterior stains, especially where a smooth, lint free finish is desired. WhiteDove? series features a high density woven cover, made of Dralon?, a derivative of nylon, which enables the paint to flow freely into and out of the cover for easy rolling and a high quality finish. WhiteDove? covers feature thousands of miniature flagged filaments so paint leaves from thousands of tiny surfaces for a smooth, virtually perfect finish. The high-density acrylic fiber is also capable of carrying large quantity of paint, leading to improved efficiency and productivity. more info
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