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Homax 6100 Ceiling Texture Scraper
Homax 6100 Ceiling Texture Scraper
Our Price: $22.99

Homax? popcorn ceiling scraper is a specially designed scraping tool that removes unwanted popcorn ceiling texture. It features a unique bag attachment captures texture as it is removed, so the texture falls into a bag not on the floor. Designed to protect and prevent ceiling from gouges. It has a 12 in blade. Simply connect the ceiling scraper to any standard extension handle. A typical 10 ft x 10 ft ceiling can be completed in 30 min or less. more info
Homax 4505P Pro Hopper Hopper
Homax 4505P Pro Hopper, 3 L Hopper, Vinyl
Our Price: $29.99

Homax? Pro Hopper was designed for use with mix-your-own spray materials and Homax? texture guns. The Pro Hopper has a wide mouth and a screw-on lid to help prevent spills when filling and it can be reattached for storing texture after the project. It's easy to attach the Pro Hopper directly onto texture guns. more info
Homax 4205 Spray Texture Gun
Homax 4205 Spray Texture Gun, Vinyl
Our Price: $67.99

Homax? manual spray texture gun is designed for homeowners and contractors to apply textures on walls and ceilings. This texture gun is ideal for small to medium size patch and repair texture jobs or small remodels. Nozzle quickly adjusts to spray multiple texture patterns to match an existing pattern or to create a custom look. Requires no power source and no compressor to operate. This portable, professional model features polycarbonate body with brass inserts for easy disassembly. more info