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Devcon DV90225 Plastic and Model Cement
Devcon DV90225 Plastic and Model Cement, 0.5 oz Tube, Clear Liquid
Our Price: $2.09

For bonding plastic models and toys.  Can be used on Styrofoam. Dries clear. Sets in 10 minutes. more info
ITW Permatex 80328 Permatex Weatherstrip Cements
Permatex 80328 Waterproof Weatherstrip Cement, 2 oz, Tube, Clear, Liquid
Our Price: $2.45

A translucent cement and sealer which bonds in minutes. Dries to a tough, strong bond. Flexible, tough, waterproof; bonds metal, glass and rubber. For door and windshield weatherstripping. more info
Duco VersaChem Household Cement
Duco VersaChem Multi-Purpose Household Cement, 1 oz, Carded Tube, Clear, Solvent, Liquid
Our Price: $2.55

An all-purpose adhesive that offers a quick, permanent, yet flexible bond that never becomes brittle. Use to bond or make repairs on plastic, metal, wood, china, glass and ceramics  Dries clear. Sets in just 5 minutes. Pin-point dispenser tip. more info
Elmer's E511 All Purpose Glue Stick
Elmer's E511 All Purpose Glue Stick, 6 ml, Aerosol Can, White, Mild, Solid
Our Price: $2.65

Household, office and school projects involving paper, photos, fabric, polystyrene foam. Dries fast, clear and colorless. Handy twist-up applicator. Launders out with soap and water. Safe, non-toxic - as defined by the Federal Hazardous Substances Act. more info
Loctite 233841 Instant All Purpose Adhesive
Loctite 233841 Instant All Purpose Adhesive, 2 g Carded Tube, Transparent Colorless to Pale Yellow
Our Price: $2.75

Formulated for bonding all types of glass to itself and glass to non-porous materials. Water and heat resistant. Dries clear, sets without clamping and dishwasher safe. Crystal clear. Self-piercing tube. more info
Weldit S-182\50105 All Purpose Adhesive
Weldit S-182\50105 All Purpose Adhesive, 1 oz Tube, Clear Liquid
Our Price: $2.79

An all-purpose adhesive that has a flexible bond and never becomes brittle. Perfect as a vinyl mender. Use on plastic, metal, wood, glass and ceramics. Insulates and stops leaks. Sets in 5 minutes. Chemical resistant. more info
Permatex 81844 2-Part Rear View Mirror Adhesive
Permatex 81844 2-Part Rear View Mirror Adhesive, Kit, Yellow Liquid
Our Price: $2.85

Approved and used by GM, Ford and Chrysler. Permanently remounts mirrors to windshields. Achieves handling strength in seconds; mirror-mounting strength in 15 minutes. ODC-free. Two part, 0.01 ounce adhesive and 0.02 ounce primer. more info
Seal-all 380112 Contact Adhesive
Seal-all 380112 Multi-Purpose Contact Adhesive, 2 oz, Clear, Liquid
Our Price: $3.15

For household, auto, boat or RV repairs. Requires no mixing or heating. Resists water, gasoline, oil, alcohol and most solvents. Dries fast without losing strength. Acts as a glue and sealant on a wide variety of materials. Seals, bonds, insulates and waterproofs. For the hobbyist, handyman, sportsman or mechanic to use on wood, steel, aluminum, copper, most plastics and rubber, porcelain, glass and china, vinyl, fiberglass, canvas, and many more. 2 to 3 minute dry time; 2 to 6 hour cure time. more info
Loctite 1360694 Flexible Adhesive
Loctite 1360694 Flexible Adhesive, 1 oz, Carded Tube, Cream, Ketone, Paste
Our Price: $3.55

Clear liquid formulated for repairing and mending flexible plastics such as vinyl seats, cushions, tarps and outdoor gear. Highly flexible to withstand bending and torsion. Dries to a transparent and waterproof bond. Sets in 30 min. more info
Eclectic Shoe GOO Shoe Repair Adhesive
Eclectic Shoe GOO Shoe Repair Adhesive, 1 oz, Carded, Clear, Liquid/Gel
Our Price: $3.59

Rebuild worn-out soles overnight. Strong enough for gym and sports shoes. Seals rubber boots, galoshes, and waders. Bonds to leather, rubber, canvas, and shoelaces. Coats and protect to avoid premature wear. Repairs damaged heels and protects skate shoes. Secures loose insoles. Coat skateboards for extra traction. Use on plastic, leather, vinyl, rubber, neoprene and canvas. Carded. more info
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