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Zep Commercial ZROOT24 Root Killer
Zep Commercial ZROOT24 Root Killer, 2 lb, Blue, Granular Solid
Our Price: $15.59

Kills only the root inside the pipe, clears pipes and allows normal system flow, will not harm trees & shrubs, contains copper sulfate. more info
Roebic K-77 Non-Flammable Root Killer
Roebic K-77 Non-Flammable Root Killer, 32 oz Bottle, Blue Crystal/Powder
Our Price: $19.75

Keeps lines free from clogging tree and shrub roots. Roots have the ability to seek out small openings in pipe lines in search of water. Once a pipe is penetrated, rapid growth in the pipe causes blockage. This formula is proven by years of success in clearing sewer and drains of root growth, etc. Fast and easy to use. Harmless to bacteria in septic tank and cesspools. Retreatment at 6 to 12 month intervals may be necessary to control new root growth. more info
Roebic FRK6 Foaming Root Killer
Roebic FRK6 Foaming Root Killer, 16 oz, Granular, Slightly Aromatic, 2.18 Specific Gravity, 1 lb
Our Price: $22.75

FRK foams on contact with water to fill the entire sewer pipe with the root killing agent, dichlobenil. It covers the inside surface of the pipe, and sticks well to roots resulting in longer lasting residual killing action. Also contains ingredients to speed up the natural decaying process of the roots, resulting in quicker relief from clogs. more info