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Homebasix CPA03110MM3L Adult Hearth Fireplace Gloves
Simple Spaces CPA03110MM Hearth Fireplace Gloves, 16 in, Cowhide Leather
Our Price: $19.99

Genuine, cowhide leather gloves that provides maximum durability. Heat- resistant and double layered for added safety. more info
Imperial KK0159 Fireplace Gloves, Cowhide Leather Lining, Cowhide Leather, Red
Our Price: $22.99

Made of genuine cowhide leather. Cuff extends above the wrist for great protection, for safety and comfort. Universal size. more info
Homebasix A801-C3L Wood Fireplace Bellow
Simple Spaces A801-C3L Wood Fireplace Bellow with Brass Trim, Hardwood, Pump Pit Handle
Our Price: $22.99

The 15 in Simple Spaces Bellows with Cast Nozzle is the perfect addition to your hearth area. Use this simple accessory to stoke the fire for a longer-lasting, consistent burn. more info
Behrens 617S Coal Hod
Behrens 617S Coal Hod, Steel, Galvanized
Our Price: $32.99

Made of corrugated steel. more info
Behrens 617P Coal Hod
Our Price: $37.99

Made of highest quality steel. Heavy-duty wire handle. Ideal for storing firewood or removing hot ashes. more info
Behrens B906P Ash Pail
Behrens B907P Ash Pail, 7.5 gal, Steel, Black
Our Price: $39.99

Multiple storage uses ashes, trash, holds up to 25 lb of pet food or bird seed. Built to last. Offset bottom keeps can off ground. With cover, handle lifts to lock in place, keeps out pets and pests. more info
Imperial KK0151 Circulating Fan
Imperial KK0151 Circulating Fan, 110 V, 3000 rpm Speed, Black
Our Price: $57.99

General-purpose fan, eliminates hot spots near stoves and ceilings. Extra quiet. Plug-in connection and in-line switch. (2.14 lb). more info
Vogelzang TK-02 Tea Kettle
US STOVE TK-02 Tea Kettle, 3 qt Capacity, Spring-Loaded Handle, Iron, Black
Our Price: $74.99

This solid cast iron kettle steamer is both decorative and practical. Ideal for helping keep moisture in the air to create a soothing heat. Also add potpourri to freshen the air in your home. more info
Flame-Magik KK0316 Color Crystal
Imperial Kk0316 FlamE-Magik Crystal - Case of 36
Our Price: $118.44

Adds colorful blue and green flames in woodstoves, fireplaces and campfires. more info
US STOVE CB-36 Blower Kit, 100 cfm Air
Our Price: $129.99

Boost the heat output of your wonderwood and wondercoal Circulator by adding on a US Stove CB36 blower kit. It comes with all mounting hardware and a whisper quiet 100 cfm blower. Blower fits models BCAC, BEC95, ASP1100B, APS1200, APS1600, APS2000, 2007, 1851, 2000, 2015, 2500, 3000, B2941 and B2827. Designed to circulate air around the firebox to heat the room more efficiently. Circulators manufactured after 4-2008 will use CB36 (a genuine USSC part). more info
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