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Original Bt 3BT Water Treatment Humidifier Bacteriostatic
BestAir 3BT Humidifier Bacteriostatic, Mild, 32 oz
Our Price: $5.99

For use in all evaporative type humidifiers. Helps control bacterial and algae build-up and eliminates unpleasant odors. more info
Golden Solution II 245 Water Treatment Humidifier Bacteriostatic
BestAir 245 Water Treatment Humidifier, Liquid, Clear, Pungent, 32 oz
Our Price: $7.99

BestAir Water Treatment Humidifier, 32 oz Net Content, Liquid Form, Pungent Odor/Scent, Clear more info
Essick Air 1970 Humidifier Bacteria Treatment
AIRCARE 1970 Humidifier Bacteriostat, Liquid, Blue, Mild, 32 oz Bottle
Our Price: $8.99

Bacteria treatment, EPA registered. Helps control bacteria and algae build-up and keeps water smelling clean. more info
Bestair D88 Wick Filter
BestAir D88 Wick Filter, 8-3/4 in L, 2-3/4 in W, White
Our Price: $10.99

Anti-bacterial treated, traps minerals. Replacement filter fits most Holmes humidifiers. Metal reinforcement. Adds rigidity to shape of the wick filter when moistened. Also adds stability with today softer, more absorbent paper. Prevents slumping or insagging in over time or when wet. Helps maintain the humidifier designed output. Wick filter fits Duracraft DCM-200, DH-888, 890, 890C DCM-891B, 891S (AC-888), Honeywell HCM-890, 890B, 890C, HCM-890-20 (AC-888), Touch Point S35E-A. more info
Bestair E2R Wick Filter
BestAir E2R Wick Filter, 11 in L, 2 in W, White, For: 14407, 14451, 1442, 29974 (14909) 14416 and 14413 Humidifier
Our Price: $12.99

Anti-bacterial treated, traps minerals. Fits most Emerson humidifiers. Metal reinforcement. Adds rigidity to shape of the wick filter when moistened. Also adds stability with today softer, more absorbent paper. Prevents slumping or insagging in over time or when wet. Helps maintain the humidifier designed output. Wick filter fits Emerson Floor Register HD500, 6200, 7002, 7005 (HDC-2R) 1205, 1211 and 2412 need 4 filters (HDC-411), Kenmore 14407, 14451, 1442, 29974 (14909), 14413, 14416 needs 4 filters (14912) 2pk. more info
Bestair H62/85 Wick Filter
BestAir H62-PDQ-4 Humidifier Filter, 9.2 in L, 4-1/2 in W, Aluminum Filter Media
Our Price: $12.99

Indoor air quality is commonly affected by particles such as dust, pet dander and viruses. Overly dry air can exacerbate lung conditions and irritated sinuses, especially during winter and dry climates. BestAir? is dedicated to protecting and providing a clean and safe indoor environment for everyone. We have a complete array of high-quality humidification wicks, air cleaning filters and many other accessories, which will ensure that your indoor air quality will be the BestAir? that you and your family can breathe. We are the largest manufacturer of replacement filters made in North America and are also leading the way for industry standards. Our markets first innovations, such as the expanded paper wick and original bacteriostatic treatment (EPA registered), are some technologies we invented that sets us apart from our competition. Protect your home and work environments now with BestAir?. more info
Bestair H-75C Wick Filter
BestAir H-75C-PDQ-4 Extended Life Humidifier Wick Filter, Aluminum Frame
Our Price: $13.99

BestAir Extended Life Humidifier Wick Filter, Extended Life, Frame Material: Aluminum, Suitable for: Holmes HM850, 3400, 3500, 3501, 3600, 3607, 3608, 3640 and 3641 Humidifiers more info
VORNADO MD1-0034 Humidifier Wick, 7.2 in L, 9-1/2 in W, Antimicrobial Filter Media, White
Our Price: $17.99

At 1 in thick, these Vornado MD1-0034 humidifier replacement wicks are designed to fit Vornado EV100, EV200, EVDC300, EVDC500, Evap2 and Evap40 evaporative humidifiers. An antimicrobial treatment helps protect the wick filter from bacteria growth. No cleaning is required and the wicks are disposable. The superior performance promised of Vornado's evaporative humidifiers is realized only when genuine Vornado wicks are used and replaced at the recommended intervals. While other brands may fit our units, these wicks do not carry the same quality and life as our own and can diminish the humidifier's performance. Vornado wicks are developed from the highest quality materials that work to absorb the maximum amount of water while filtering the circulating air. more info
VORNADO MD1-0018 Mineral Cartridge, 2-3/4 in L, For: Ultra1, Ultra2, Ultra3 Mineral Cartridge
Our Price: $17.99

Ordinary tap water is full of lime, calcium and a host of other minerals. When this water is vaporized, white dust can form a kind of residue build-up that can develop on your walls, floors and furniture. The VORNADO Mineral Cartridge is specifically designed for use in your VORNADO Ultrasonic Humidifier to help filter out the minerals that cause this dust to form. The cartridge contains a specially designed blend of water softening minerals, reducing lime and calcium build-up. Completely odorless, this filter scrubs your water clean, extending the life of your humidifier. Receive FREE SHIPPING on future mineral cartridge orders when you set up a product subscription. Click the Subscription Wizard button above to set a customized schedule to receive your cartridge conveniently billed automatically. This Mineral Cartridge, part number MD1-0018, works with models Ultra1, Ultra2 & Ultra3. more info
Patton HWF75PDQ-U Humidifier Filter
HOLMES HWF75PDQ-U Humidifier Filter, 15.7 in L, 8.1 in W, White, For: WWHM3300, WWHM3600 Humidifier
Our Price: $22.99

Filter has Microban antimicrobial product protection. Fits Holmes filter Nos.HM-3500, 3600, 3640, 3650 and 3655. White Westinghouse Nos.WWHM3300 and WWHM3600. more info
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