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Unger 963110 Mini Blind Duster
Unger 963110 Mini Blind Duster, 1.13 in H X 9.5 in D, Microfiber Head
Our Price: $5.85

Unger Mini Blind Duster, Series: 963110, 1.13 in Height X 9.5 in Depth, 7-3/4 in Width, Microfiber Head, 6 in Handle more info
Homebasix YB88113L Handy Duster
Homebasix YB88113L Handy Duster, Magnetic
Our Price: $6.05

White plastic with blue rubber ergonomic handle. Fibers create electrostatic charge. Ideal for dusting furniture counter tops, cabinetry, etc. more info
Quickie 436-3/72 Flexible Static Duster
Quickie 436-3/72 Flexible Static Duster, Electrostatic Fiber
Our Price: $6.19

Quickie Flexible Static Duster, Series: 436-3/72, Electrostatic Fiber, Ergonomic Handle, For Cleaning Chemically Sensitive Surfaces Like Computer Keyboards, Electronics, Artwork and Even Plants more info
Swiffer 40509 Duster Starter Kit
Swiffer 40509 Duster Starter Kit, 5 Count, Fibre, White
Our Price: $6.45

Swiffer Duster Starter Kit, Swiffer, Fibre, White, Comfortable Handle, 6 in Length Handle, Includes: (1) Handle, (5) Disposable Dusters, For Wood, Ceramic, Vinyl Tile, Electronics and Other Hard Surfaces more info
Quickie 419M Fluffy Duster
Quickie 419M Fluffy Duster, Microfiber Head
Our Price: $6.89

Quickie Fluffy Duster, Series: 419M, Microfiber Head, Ergonomic Handle, 5 in Handle more info
Unger 962680 Professional Dryer Vent Brush
Unger 962680 Professional Dryer Vent Brush, Nylon Bristle Trim
Our Price: $7.59

Unger Dryer Vent Brush, Professional, Series: 962680, 30 in Overall Length, Nylon Bristle Trim, Comfort Grip Handle, 18 in Handle Length, 30 in Height, For Dryer Vents, Refrigerator Coils or Radiators more info
Birdwell Cleaning 171-24 Counter Duster, Poly Foam Block, Blue
Our Price: $8.69

Birdwell Cleaning Counter Duster, Poly Foam Block, Blue, For Counters, Workshops more info
Unger 978310 Cobweb Duster Brush, 21 in H x 3 in D
Our Price: $8.95

Traps and holds dust and spider webs. The unique shape is perfect for dusting ceilings, moldings, HVAC, and corners with ease. Flagged bristles remove and hold spider webs from moldings and corners. Use hand held or attach to a telescopic pole to clean high ceilings without a ladder. Soft, poly fibers won't scratch moldings or walls. Attaches to telescopic pole (not included) for hard to reach cleaning. Dimensions: 21" H x 4" W x 3" D. more info
Unger 978230 Duster, 21 in H x 3 in D, Microfiber
Our Price: $9.25

Unger Duster, 21 in Height x 3 in Depth, 4 in Width, 3 in Length x 4 in Width Headband, Microfiber, Pivoting Handle more info
Quickie 408 Professional Bench Brush
Quickie 408 Professional Bench Brush, Polypropylene Fiber Bristle Trim
Our Price: $10.49

Quickie Bench Brush, Professional, Series: 408, Polypropylene Fiber Bristle Trim, 9 in Sweep Face, Molded Handle, 14 in Handle Length, For Commercial and Residential more info
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