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Symphony 1252 Steam Mop Pad Kit
Bissell 1252 Mop Pad Kit, 4 in L, 12 in W, Microfiber Cloth, Machine Washable: Yes
Our Price: $24.99

You can machine wash your microfiber mop pads. Make sure not to use bleach or fabric softener and always let air dry. It's a good idea to buy multiple mop pads so you can use a different mop pad in each of your rooms, such as the bathroom and kitchen and more. more info
PowerFresh 5938 Steam Mop Pad Kit
Bissell PowerFresh 5938 Mop Pad Kit, Microfiber Cloth, Machine Washable: Yes
Our Price: $27.99

PowerFresh? steam mop microfiber washable steam mop Pads are soft pads, one for everyday cleaning and one scrubby pad for tough messes. Add scent to your steam cleaning with the spring breeze fragrance discs. Discs slip right into the steam mop pads for an optional whole room fresh scent. Fights odor causing bacteria for a fresher and cleaner mop pad. Microfiber mop pads are washable and reusable. Designed with a quick-grip release tab for easier and cleaner mop pad removal. more info
Bissell PowerEdge 20781 2-in-1 Steam Mop, 1500 W, 10 oz Tank, Basanova Blue/White
Our Price: $72.99

Take the power of the steam where you need it and want it with the Bissell? PowerEdge? Lift-Off? steam cleaner. Easily go from steam cleaning your sealed hard floors to above floor cleaning with the detachable handheld steamer. The portable handheld steamer along with two specialized tools allow you to clean those surfaces above your floors such as countertops, sinks and grout. Steam on demand allows you to dispense just the right amount of steam. With swivel steering and a triangle foot, easily maneuver around corners and edges for a quick-clean. more info
PowerFresh 1940 Corded Steam Mop
Bissell 6973630 Steam Mop, 1500 W, 16 oz Tank, White
Our Price: $109.99

The Bissell PowerFresh? steam mop provides superior steam cleaning with a fresh scent. For those tough, dried-on messes we all experience on our floors and grout, use the flip-down easy scrubber brush to break up the dirt quickly and easily. Cleaning with steam sanitizes floors, eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacteria in common households. more info