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Powr-Flite PD500 Carpet Dryer/Air Blower
POWR-FLITE PDS1 Power Dryer, 120 V, 3800 fpm Air, Co-Polymer/Polypropylene, Black
Our Price: $269.99

The Power-Dryer is a full-featured commercial dryer that boasts an impressive 3,800 ft/min in air velocity. Even with all that power, the PDS1 still weighs in at only 22 lb and is compact enough to fit in closets and the back of vehicles with ease. Additionally, it has a low amp draw of only 4.4 A, giving you the most airflow for a small amount of amps. Stop trading performance for price and get Power-Flite's updated Power-Dryer. more info
Maxxair HVHF 12COMBO Hose Fan
MaxxAir HVHF 12COMBO Confined Space Ventilator and Polyvinyl Hose, 120 V, 2000 cfm Air, Steel, Industrial Yellow
Our Price: $379.99

The MaxxAir 12 in fan provides directional airflow for a variety of applications, especially in basements, crawl spaces, attics or any other area where access may be limited. It has rubber feet on its base to minimize noise and reduce vibrations. The heavy duty 2-ply polyvinyl hose attaches easily to the blower/exhaust fan with a cinch strap. The hose measures 12 in Dia and is 20 ft long to reach anywhere spot cooling is required. It is also flame retardant and features steel support coils and convenient hanger rings to enable direction of the airflow to hard to reach areas or areas off the ground. more info