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Chef Craft 21000 Kitchen Shears
Chef Craft 21000 Kitchen Shears, Stainless Steel Blade, Plastic Handle, 8 in OAL, Sharp Blade, Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Our Price: $3.79

These 8 in stainless steel kitchen sheers are a must have for the kitchen for ease of cutting through chicken bones and larger pieces of meat. The larger handle openings make it comfortable for the hand and the cutting edge is serrated and made from stainless steel. more info
Goodcook 20446 Kitchen Shear with Herb Stripper, Stainless Steel Blade
Our Price: $11.99

Use sturdy, all-purpose kitchen shears to snip fresh basil and sage, open tightly wrapped foods, even slice cleanly through pizza. You'll love these shears for countless other tasks, too, from clipping coupons to trimming potted plants on the windowsill. The blades separate easily for sanitary cleaning and to provide access to the herb stripper at the base of each which removes leaves fast from woody thyme and rosemary stems. The shears slip into a sheath for safe storage and to keep blades sharp. more info
Fiskars 1067272 Garden Shears, 9 in OAL, Stainless Steel Blade, Black/Orange Handle
Our Price: $19.99

Cut open a wide range of heavy-duty garden materials including fertilizer bags, landscape fabric, screens and more with the multi-use Fiskars? Multipurpose Garden Shears. From cutting bed lining to adding mulch, prepping and maintaining a strong foundation is key to a healthy garden and can involve a variety of arduous tasks - all of which rely on retaining blade sharpness. This versatile tool features ergonomically sculpted handles and fully hardened, precision-ground, steel blades that cut all the way to the tip and stay sharp through heavy use. Other features include a power notch to cut light rope, wire and twine cutters, a pointed awl tip for piercing small holes in cardboard and leather, and a bottle opener. The shears can also be taken apart, leaving you with a titanium enhanced knife for cutting large objects. A sheath for safe transport and storage comes with a built-in tape cutter and ceramic scissors sharpener. more info
Henckels International 41365-001 Kitchen Shears, 3 in L Blade, Stainless Steel Blade, 8 in OAL, Micro-Serrated Blade
Our Price: $21.99

The J.A. Henckels International kitchen shears feature a sturdy, 3 in, fine-edged steel blade. They are ready to tackle all of your everyday cutting tasks. Also features integrated bottle opening tools. more info