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National Presto 09911 Pressure Cooker/Canner Air Vents
Presto 09911 Automatic Pressure Cooker Air Vent
Our Price: $3.75

Allows excess steam to escape. Used on models manufactured before 1977. more info
Presto 09915 Over Pressure Plug
Our Price: $3.75

Used on models manufactured after 1977. more info
National Presto 85444 Pressure Canner Handles
Presto 85444 Pressure Canner Handle With Screws, Plastic
Our Price: $6.25

Fits the same models as body handle No.85443. more info
Presto 85453 Pressure Cooker Body Handle With Screws
Our Price: $6.69

Fits underneath cover handle on the same model numbers as cover handle No.85239. more info
Presto 85803/85313 Pressure Cooker and Canner Cover Handle With Screws, For Use With Model 85333 Body Handle
Our Price: $7.79

Used in conjunction with body handle No.85333. more info
National Presto 09978 Pressure Cooker/Canner Regulators
Presto 09978 Pressure Regulator, For Use With Model 706, 733, 803, 833, PCC6, A401, A601, 804, S66 Canner, Gray
Our Price: $8.89

Fits onto vent pipe to indicate when 15 Lbs. pressure is reached and controls pressure in unit. Replaces old No.09913 discontinued pressure regulator. Fits 3, 4 and 6 quart pressure cooker models. more info
National Presto 50332 Pressure Canner Regulators
Presto 50332 Pressure Canner Regulator, For Use With Fits Onto Vent Pipe onCanner Cover
Our Price: $13.35

Fits onto vent pipe on canner cover. Used on canners without a steam gauge. more info
Norpro 599 Canning Set
Norpro 599 Canning Set, Vinyl
Our Price: $15.35

Set includes the following for canning and dehydrating: Vinyl coated jar wrench, vinyl coated jar lifter, extra wide mouth canning funnel, tongs with vinyl coated handles and magnetic lid lifter. Boxed. more info
National Presto 85485 Pressure Canner Regulator Kits
Presto 85485 Pressure Cooker Regulator Kit, For Use With Pressure Cookers and Canners
Our Price: $16.65

Contains #1058 vent pipe, #09978 pressure regulator and instruction book for selected Presto pressure canners manufactured prior to 1950. more info
National Presto 85772/82237 Pressure Canner Steam Gauge
National Presto 85772/82237 Pressure Canner Steam Gauge
Our Price: $19.99

Includes rubber washer, metal washer and nut. Fits canner stock nos. 0175006, 0178006, 0175107, 0178107. more info
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