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Mintcraft DY3202 Garden Hose Guide
Mintcraft DY3202 Hose Guide With Metal Spike, Plastic
Our Price: $4.05

Plastic hose guide with metal spike. Allows pulling of garden hose around shrubs and mulch beds. more info
Mintcraft GB-5219-3L Hose Hangers
Mintcraft GB-5219-3L Hose Hangers, Plastic, Beige
Our Price: $5.15

Holds up to 50' x 1/2'' hose. Wall mountable. Size: 5-5/8''H x 9"W x 6"D. more info
Gilmour 8015 Hose Hanger
Gilmour 8015 Hose Hanger, 5/8 in X 150 ft, 1/2 in X 200 ft Hose, Polymer
Our Price: $5.49

Durable, rust -free poly hanger. Holds up to 200' of 1/2'' or 150' of 5/8'' hose. Handy accessory rack for hanging nozzles, sprayers and accessories plus storage for garden gloves. more info
Mintcraft GB-5227-3L Hose Hangers
Mintcraft GB-5227-3L Hose Hangers, Metal, Wall Mount, Green
Our Price: $5.89

Holds up to 60' x 1/2'' hose. Includes wall mount. Size: 8-3/4"H x 9-1/4"W x 7"D. more info
Ames 2384110 Deluxe Hose Hanger
Ames 2384110 Deluxe Hose Hanger, 5/8 in X 150 ft Hose, 6-3/4 in W X 10 in D X 8 in H, Poly
Our Price: $6.65

Deluxe poly hose hanger. Slotted shelf for hose accessories. Holds 150' of 5/8" hose. more info
Mintcraft GM-203 Garden Hose Guides
Mintcraft GM-203 Garden Hose Guides, Plastic
Our Price: $8.05

Plastic hose guide. Metal spike. Smooth roller mechanism allows garden hose to pass by plants and shrubs without causing damage. more info
Ames 2383520 Western Saddle Hose Hanger
Ames 2383520 Western Saddle Hose Hanger, 5/8 in X 150 ft Hose, 8-1/2 in W x 11 in D, Steel
Our Price: $9.45

Western saddle, offers more hose storage capacity. more info
Mintcraft 5227-1 Hose Hangers, Metal
Our Price: $11.49

Holds up to 100' of 5/8" diameter hose. 7-1/8" H x 12" W x 6" D. Green finish. more info
Ames ReelEasy Hose Hanger With Storage Bin
Ames ReelEasy Premium Hose Hanger With Storage Bin, 5/8 in X 150 ft Hose, 6 in W x 14-1/2 in D
Our Price: $17.85

Convenient detachable storage bin for simple accessory transportation. Lift and swing down for easy hose removal. Holds 150' of 5/8 inch hose. more info
Mintcraft HH021 Hose Reel Hangers
Mintcraft HH021 Hose Reel Hangers, Decorative-Wall Mount, 13-3/4 x 5 Inch
Our Price: $21.19

Holds up to 150' of 5/8" diameter hose. 13-3/4" diameter x 5-3/8" deep. Powder coated steel with brown hammertone finish. Stainless steel mounting screws included. more info
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