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Mintcraft TPG-ACR250PSI3L Portable Air Compressor
Mintcraft TPG-ACR250PSI3L Portable Air Compressor, 250 psi
Our Price: $18.49

Designed to operate from a car cigarette lighter. Inflates car tires, bike tires, beach balls, footballs and other recreational equipment.  Specs: 12V, 9-amp working current. Pressure gauge and inflation accessories included. more info
BellAire 30500-8 Portable Tire Inflator
BellAire 30500-8 Portable Tire Inflator, 12 VDC, 10 min
Our Price: $23.95

Inflator with power button, dial pressure gauge and LED work light. LED work light turns on when inflator unit is plugged into vehicle 12 volt cigarette lighter socket. Replaceable fuse provides maximum protection for the inflator and vehicle. Portable, 10 minute fill time, with 10 foot power cord, 4 inch air hose with twist on nozzle. Includes raft adapter and inflator needle kit and storage/carry bag. more info
BellAire 33000-8 Portable Programmable Tire Inflator
BellAire 33000-8 Portable Programmable Tire Inflator, 12 VDC, 5 min
Our Price: $47.95

Portable, fast 5 minute fill time, 12 volt with 10 foot power cord, 2 foot air hose with twist on nozzle and bleeder valve, dial pressure gauge with auto shut-off, flexible LED work light, raft adapter and sports ball needle. more info