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Xcelite XN100  Hobby Knives
Xcelite XN100 Hobby Knife, 5-13/16 in L Blade, Steel Blade
Our Price: $5.39

Precision made for cutting on paper, soft and lightweight materials or wood. Interchangeable blades held firm in sure-locking four jaw chuck. Stay sharp blades made of surgical steel and honed for closest cutting and long-lasting edge. XNB-103 replacement blade. more info
Stanley Tools 10-401  Hobby Knives
STANLEY 10-401 Hobby Knife
Our Price: $5.39

The STANLEY hobby knife is a great tool in the home, office, studio and workshop. The body is crafted with a strong, lightweight aluminum. Positive metal barrel locks the blade in place. It is compatible with standard hobby and craft blades. more info
Elmers X3601 Xacto Hobby Knives
X-Acto X3601 Utility Knife, Carbon Steel Blade, Textured Handle
Our Price: $5.99

No. 1 precision knife is built with a carbon steel blade for a reliable precision cutting, trimming and stripping every time. The sleek design fits comfortably in the hand, allowing you to continue making the precision cuts needed to finish the job. Includes #11 classic fine point blade. This knife handle also works with No. 10, 12, 16 and 17 blades. more info
Vulcan JL71220 Hobby Knife Set, High Carbon Steel Blade, Silver Handle
Our Price: $5.99

Vulcan Hobby Knife Set, High Carbon Steel Blade, Blade Thickness: 0.4 mm, Number of Blades: 6, Aluminum Handle, Handle Color: Silver, 4 in L Handle, 5-1/8 in OAL, Includes: 6 Blades more info
Elmers X3602 Xacto Hobby Knives
X-Acto X3602 Utility Knife, Stainless Steel Blade
Our Price: $7.99

Medium weight aluminum handle knife works with the #2 blade for making precise, accurate cuts through a variety of different craft materials. This knife handle also works with the #'s 15, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28 blades. Includes the #2 large fine point blade. more info
Xcelite XNS100  Hobby Knife Sets
Xcelite XNS100 Hobby Knife Set, 5-13/16, 5-3/4 in L Blade
Our Price: $21.99

Used for light- to medium-duty cutting on paper, also for soft and lightweight materials or wood. Includes: (2) hobby knife handles (5 -13/16 in and 5 -3/4 in), (10) assorted blades, for a wide range of cutting operations. more info
GENERAL 95618 Hobby Knife Set
Our Price: $22.99

The 18-piece precision hobby knife set is suitable for professionals, DIYers and hobbyists. Applications include precision woodworking, graphic design, wallpapering and carpeting. more info
X-Acto X5282 Basic Utility Knife Set
X-Acto X5282 Knife Set, Carbon Steel Blade
Our Price: $25.99

The X-ACTO precision knife is the original cutting tool for any application requiring a precise, accurate cut. This cutting and trimming tool has been used for years by graphics artists, designers, hobbyists and others for making careful cuts and trims consistently and with confidence. Now you can purchase the original X-ACTO knife (#'s 1, 2 and 5) along with a full set of X-ACTO precision knife blades, all-in-one convenient set, a must have for any art kit. The original X-ACTO knife has been praised for more than 50 years as the standard for precision. Attaining this level of precision, accuracy and reliability starts with supreme quality Craftsmanship. The X-ACTO precision knives are built with carbon and steel sharpened blades for a reliable cut every time. Add a full set of X-ACTO precision knife blades, you will have a knife to make the precision cut you need - every material, every time. more info