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Bosch GWX10-45PE Angle Grinder, 10 A, 4-1/2 in Dia Wheel, 11,000 rpm Speed, Includes: Auxiliary Handle, Wheel Guard
Our Price: $99.99

The Bosch GWX10-45PE 4-1/2 in X-LOCK angle grinder features the X-LOCK mount, offering a wheel change interface that's up to five times faster than conventional interfaces. There's an audible snap when mounting an X-LOCK wheel on an X-LOCK grinder. The wheel mounts properly without the need for a spanner wrench or flange nuts. The wheel is released from the grinder with the pull of a lever. The grinder features a narrow grip zone. The GWX10-45PE ergonomic grinder features a narrow grip zone for extended comfort and control, combined with a powerful 10 A motor. It delivers results, producing up to 11, 000 no-load rpm for maximum productivity in grinding and cutting applications. The tool weighs 4.6 lb. It features a multi grip paddle switch, which provides increased grip options for better ergonomics, comfort and control. Equipped with epoxy-coated field windings and direct-motor cooling, this grinder is built for a longer tool life. It features spiral bevel gears for smooth transmission of power. For added convenience, it has an auxiliary handle and an adjustable tool-free guard. more info
Makita X-LOCK GA4570 Angle Grinder with AC/DC Switch, 7.5 A, 4-1/2 in Dia Wheel, 11,000 rpm Speed
Our Price: $119.99

The 4-1/2 in X-LOCK angle grinder (GA4570) offers X-LOCK technology for quick tool-free wheel changes. A click-mount and pull release lever make changing wheels easy. The GA4570 weighs about 5 lb and is built with comfort and ergonomic features for extended use. It is ideal for efficiently grinding and cutting a wide range of materials including tile, concrete, pipe, conduit and more. The GA4570 is powered by a 7.5 A motor that delivers 11000 rpm for the most demanding applications. The labyrinth construction seals and protects the motor and bearings from dust and debris for longer tool life. In addition, the armature is sealed by a protective zig zag varnish which prevents contamination by creating a barrier under rotation. The ball bearing design and metal gear housing provide increased durability. The GA4570 is a versatile and powerful grinder engineered for demanding applications including cutting, ferrous metal, paint and rust removal, shipyard maintenance, heavy machinery, metal polishing, general steel grinding, auto-repair work, cutting brick and masonry and restoration work. The grinder is built for welders, fabricators, plumbers, masons, electricians, automotive technicians, stone and tile workers, HVAC and general contractors seeking a excellent in class industrial quality angle grinder. more info
Bosch GWS13-50VS Angle Grinder, 13 A, 5/8-11 Spindle, 5 in Dia Wheel, 11,500 rpm Speed
Our Price: $169.99

The Bosch GWS13-50VS 5 in angle grinder delivers more power than previous-generation models with the same size tool 13 A and up to 11,500 rpm. The lower variable speed setting 2800 rpm allows the operator to match speed to application. For operator comfort and control, it sports a two-position vibration control side handle, making it less demanding to run. The grinder has constant electronics for easy starts, level operation and dependable speed under load. For user security, it an integrated acceleration sensor to limit inadvertent recoil and restart protection to protect against unintended startup. It has a burst protection quick tool less adjustable guard and a large spindle lock for more convenient disc change. It was designed with directed air flow to divert dust from vital components, direct-motor cooling and service minder brushes that stop the grinder when preventative maintenance is required which promote longer tool life. more info
Bosch CSG15 Surfacing Grinder, 12.5 A, 5/8-11 Spindle, 5 in Dia Wheel, 9300 rpm Speed, Diamond Cup Wheel
Our Price: $479.99

The Bosch CSG15 5 in concrete surfacing grinder has a dedicated dust collection shroud for a cleaner work environment as well as plenty of power. It delivers 12.5 A and up to 9300 rpm for concrete grading, surface preparation and other tough concrete applications. It's dedicated dust guard system is a comprehensive solution for collecting dust that allows grinding flush against walls. The system helps to provide a longer operational life, including a sealed motor and a sealed switch. It also has double sealed ball bearings and two lip sealing rings to protect against dust contamination. With Constant Response? circuitry, this grinder's motor can handle extended operational load, which allows the user to reach areas where walk-behind unit can't touch. It's spindle lock allows for quick wheel changes, it has a wrap-around auxiliary handle and it includes service minderbrushes. more info