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Stanley THREADTAPE Thread Sealant Tape
Stanley THREADTAPE Thread Sealant Tape
Our Price: $2.35

Properly seals all male threaded connections to prevent air leaks. more info
Plews 21-557 Drain Cock
Plews 21-557 Drain Cock, 1/4 in NPT, Brass
Our Price: $3.15

For use in low pressure applications. Hand tightening provides leak-proof metal to metal seal. Corrosion resistant brass. more info
Mintcraft FDQ910 Inflation Kit
Mintcraft FDQ910 Inflation Kit, 4 Pieces
Our Price: $5.19

Includes: inflation adapter, tapered inflation nozzle, inflation needle, tire nozzle. more info
Blaster 16-ATL Air Tool Lubricant
Blaster 16-ATL High Performance Air Tool Lubricant, 16 oz, Aerosol Can, Liquid
Our Price: $5.19

Lubricates and protects internal tool parts. Formulated for use with in-line oilers. Removes moisture and provides lubrication. Protects tools against high speeds and shock loads. Use on all pneumatic tools and equipment. more info
Blaster 16-ATC Air Tool Conditioner
Blaster 16-ATC Air Tool Conditioner, 16 oz, Aerosol Can, Purple, Liquid
Our Price: $6.59

Cleans and restores pneumatic tool parts. Breaks loose deposits that create friction. Reaches deep into small recesses to leave a protecting film of lubrication. Can be used as in-line lubricant. Removes moisture. An effective antifreeze. Protects tools from freezing down to -25 degreesF. more info
Stanley 3WAY-RND 3-Way Round Air Line Manifold
Stanley 3WAY-RND 3-Way Round Air Line Manifold, 1/4 in Thread, 3/8 in MPT, Aluminum
Our Price: $9.69

Splits single air line into three for running multiple air tools. Use 3/8" male threaded inlet fitting for maximum performance. Aluminum. more info
Tru-Flate 41-125 3-Way 3-in-1 Air Line Manifold
Tru-Flate 41-125 3-Way 3-in-1 Air Line Manifold, 1/4 in NPT
Our Price: $10.35

Supply three air tools from one source. Use on air hose end or as permanently fixed bench outlet. No need to disconnect/connect to use different tools. Three 1/4" NPT outlets and single 1/4" NPT inlet makes this a useful shop or bench accessory. more info
Tru-Flate 21-707 Safety Valve
Tru-Flate 21-707 Safety Valve, 1/4 in, 125 psi, Brass
Our Price: $12.05

Brass safety valves constructed to asme standards. Interchangeable with all other asme valves of the same size and pressure. 125 PSI. more info
Tru-Flate 24-801 Air Line Pressure Gauge
Tru-Flate 24-801 Air Line Pressure Gauge, 1/8 in NPT, 0 - 200 psi
Our Price: $15.39

PSI 0-200  0-14 kg/cm2; mounting back. more info
Plews 41-135 Air Line Regulator with Gauge
Plews 41-135 Air Line Regulator with Gauge
Our Price: $19.25

Controls in-line air pressure for paint spray guns or other pneumatic tools. Helps keep air flow at exact operating pressures. Use where precise air flow is desired. Compact, light weight, allows for easy "on the tool" air adjustment. 16psi. NPT thread size is 1/4" on both the male and the female ends. more info
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